Meet Eva and Mariel

Have you ever wanted to read through the whole Bible?

Or maybe you have tried before and not quite finished?

Feeling stuck or unmotivated when it comes to Bible reading is more common than you think! You are in good company, friend. 

Eva and Mariel have been there and have moved out of that Bible reading funk into a deep and exciting relationship with God. What’s helped them develop this intimacy is getting to know God through the pages of His Word. They want that same intimacy for you, and that’s why they’ve created this Bible reading group! 

Get to know Eva

Eva is passionate about breaking down the barriers to Bible study so beginners can learn and love God's Word. She helps people learn how to meet God on the pages of the Bible. As a student of the Bible for 18 years, Eva helps you move from intimidated and confused by the Bible to confident and joyful in your approach to Scripture. She does this through her Bible reading group, her course The Word in Color, and her Deep Dive Scripture Journal. You can find more from Eva at

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Get to know Mariel

The Lord first captured Mariel’s heart through His written Word. As a writer and Bible teacher, Mariel Davenport desires to inspire women to know the Word for themselves and tend their way according to its Truth. She’s passionate about knowing God, digging in her garden, and making spicy salsa. Having written for online and print magazines like Proverbs 31, Journezine, and, she has reached ladies of all ages and denominations with the hope of knowing God through His Word. She can be found online at

Do you want to read the Bible with us in 2021?

I'm in.
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